February 10, 2011

NEW YORK - 9th February 2011

These were the shows held yesterday in New York City for fall 2011. Once again I selected my favorite looks from the collections.

M.Patmos showed for this year's fall a lot of knit wear (I gotta be honest I didn't get the white sneakers).

Organic by John Patrick offered a lot of ideas for layered look, the colors were basicly around basic, a lot of grey, white and brown. He paired the collection with laced hunter boots.

St.John's collection, as ever very chic and elegant, was very much around variations of grey with white, black, neutals and red to pop it up. In this collection fur was a very important detail as well as gloves and thin belts.

Z Spoke it's the newest line of the famous american designer Zac Posen. A very dark collection with a lot of black, dark blue, grey and a bit of neutrals colors, such as light pink. It's very wearable for day and what's good about the pieces is that they have a good transition into a night out.


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