April 30, 2011

29 April 2011

This is the look I pulled off yesterday. My looks nowadays have to be very comfortable because I've been running around a lot with the trade show approaching. So this is a very simple&comfortable look yet, in my humble opinion, very cute! 
I love these pants, I actually have already posted a look with them, you can see it here. Two completely different looks. This shirt was one of my latest purchases and I'm really really pleased with it! 

I hope you like the look!!
pants: Primark | scarf: BCBG | suede shirt: H&M 


April 27, 2011

27 April - Falling Slowly

Just came in here to share with you some photos of what I wore today! A very springish look with some floral treggings, a denim shirt and a white t-shirt and for the head, of course the scarf.
Oh oh and my fabulous new studded bag that has been one of the best gifts! It's so practical and looks good with everything... I actually met one of the owners of the brand, pretty cool! If you haven't take a look at their stuff, it is indeed amazing.. The brand is called Liebeskind Berlin, bags, wallets and belts to die, to live, however you want to highligh it!

Hope you like the look ;)

Bag: Liebeskind | pants: Topshop | shoes: Zara | denim shirt: Levi's


April 26, 2011

25 April 2011 - Dots&Stripes&Leopord

Hey everyone!

So like I told you on my last post, I got this bracelet from the showroom. It is from HTC an amazing brand that you should definetely check out. I'm craving for their boots, aren't they amazing?

Here's the new addition:
And here's the new addition mixed with the everyday bracelets.

What do you think, han? amazing right?! I love that the internship is giving me opportunity to find out about this brands hat I wasn'te familiar with... definetely will spread the word about them back home.

Here's the look I wore yesterday, a really simple mix between dots&stripes and joined by a bit of "disguised" leopord!
The weather is still extremely weird and I'm running out of warm clothes, so sun/summer please come quickly 'cause I got a lot of cute summerish outfits :)
coat: Zara | scarf: Primark | shorts: Zara | shirt: H&M | shoes: Topshop | bag: Liebeskind


April 25, 2011

Boa Páscoa!

First week: check

It was a good week! I never thought that I would have so much fun making phone calls.. because you may not know this, but I'm that person that hates, and I really mean HATES talking on the phone. Everybody in my house knows that I won't pick up the phone.. my cell phone, I only answer numbers that I do know, otherwise try again or leave a message. And even those that I know most times I don't pick up, just because I don't like talking on the phone!!!!! So you already know if you want to talk to me, we can meet up, do whatever but DON'T CALL ME!

All this to say that, thankfully, I'm loving my internship even with phonecalls in the mix haa! You should see the showroom closet, to die!! I got one killer bracelet from the showroom that I will try to post later (if my internet lets me...).

But firstly I'll show you my look of yesterday, Easter Day. I really love this dress that I bought in London and I realized that I had never posted an outfit wearing it... so another huge check, 'cause that was taken care of.

That's it for now... I'm sorry I'm still kind of sleepy, if I wrote something silly just give me a break... Since I'm the sweetest thing, I woke up earlier just to update you haa!

Hope you like it!! ooh oh and have a nice week my dearest all!
dress: Topshop | coat: Zara | fury baillarinas: Continente


April 23, 2011

Need your help...

So I came across these fabulous jeffrey campbell shoes. And I love them, I absolutely love them. I've always liked these shoes and I had never seen them in this fabric. But the thing is they are extremely high and I am already tall.... If I were to use them whle in NY no doubt about that but the problem is when I had back to Portugal.... 'cause people in PT are not as tall as americans (boohoo)!!! And they are a bit price and too perfect to just stand on the closet.

What do you think? Buy or not buy?

April 19, 2011

First days as a Fashion Intern - 18/19 April

Hello everybody!

So yesterday was my first day working as a fashion intern at showroom seven. I'm working in the accessories department, with bags, shoes, bets and scarves. And I'm loving it so far. Right now we are preparing for this huge show, Intermezzo Show, that will be on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May in NYC. The labels that the showroom works with are absolutely amazing.

Do you know the extravagant jewellary and masks that Lady Gaga and Rihanna wear all the time?! Yup, they're from the showroom seven itself, the owner is the designer behind those exquisite pieces. Just beautiful!

Anyways, I've been doing a lot and I mean A LOT of phone calls, to get clients to come to the show, and also a lot of the fall collection pieces are just arriving at the showroom and I've been assorting them on the store and taking a few photos.

Here are a few pictures of what I wore to these two days.

18 April - Because one shirt is not enough!
pants: Zara | white shirt: Pull&Bear | denim shirt: Levi's | shoes: Zara | bag: Mulberry

19 April - Crazy Bag Lady!
 dress: Lanidor | shoes: All Stars | messenger bag: Louis Vuitton | shirt: Primark

And since two bags were not enough, I got this amazing studded bag from Liebeskind Berlin that the showrooom represents. You should definetely check out their stuff.. They have killer bags, like this one that I'm dying to use and gorgeous bags and wallets as well.


April 17, 2011

Moving In - NEW YORK


I'm in NEW YORK YEIIIH! I finally found a place to stay, I'm living in a student residence (altough I'm not a student ha!). Hen it's not that fancy at all, but it's more than fine for the 3 months I'll be staying here and I don't intend to spend a lot of time in here when having my beautiful NY just outside. 

1st. These first days were spent apartment hunting, and i must tell you not that fun.. what I saw was far from what I expected, really small and dirty apartments and still very expensive.. but hey welcome to NY, right?! 

2nd. When packing I tough I wouldn't catch the cold and rainy NYC... well that didn't happen. Or did it actually happen,  cold check, rain check, wind check. Yup, I was that dummy girl with no socks in the cold and rain... but it's not my fault, it's not supposed to be cold and rainy anymore, so please Mr. Weather facilitate my life just a tad will ya?!

3rd. Though the room is still under "my construction" the closet is done and ready to be seen. So I'll give you a preview of the before and the after.

Hope you're all well!


During the moving/cleaning section I had time to do a stupid and I really mean stupid photoshoot.. don't believe it? then be my guest and take a look!
less posy more work please
yeah I don't think it is supposed to be that way, but...
don't know what to do with that hun?! 
Yes girl, put your huge muscles into use!

Stay tuned! Way more to come from NY!!

P.S. I saw Liya Kebede the other day on 5th avenue but stupid me didn't have my camera, she looked ravishing even with no makeup on..


April 7, 2011

7 April 2011 - Bold as Love

Hello hello hello!

Sorry for the lack os posts, but it has been a crazy few days.. I finally have my plane ticket, yup it's really gonna happen! I'm leaving my beautiful country next Tuesday to my favorite city in the whole world (well, at least, from the ones I've been-but surely enough my favorite) New York City!!!

Still with no house, but I figured it would be much easier to find a nice place while being there already.

This is the look I'm wearing today, I really don't know what's wrong with the weather but it is, in fact, damn crazy. This last days it has been like summer even during night! I'm still white as snow (yes I'm not one of those useless people that don't do nothing the whole day and are able to go to the beach... awh but I wish!), but still I wanted to wear something summerish.

This orange skirt, I usually wear it as a maxi or a dress but I'm loving these renewed lengths just over the knee. I mixed it with a baggy blue top, a two belt loops and moccassins.

Hope you all like it!

skirt: Zara | top: Massimo Dutti | shoes: Aldo | bag: Furla