November 11, 2010

Look 9,10 Nov 2010

9 Nov - Tuesday

denim shirt - Levi's 
grey dress - Zara 
brown boots - Lanidor
belt - Vintage
bag - Alexa Mulberry;

10 Nov - Wednesday

Really simple look, just some jeans from Lee a baggy pink t-shirt from Zara, the booties also from Zara, the cardigan is by GAP, and the jewelary I really don't remeber where it is from.
That's it!

November 8, 2010

Monday - 8 November 2010

And it is already monday.. This is what I wore today, nothing special just a black dress with some leather applications from H&M, grey thights, my new black boots from La Redoute and my mom's old denim jacket. oh and my rings that I love the big one with only one stone is from Mango the other one is from Collims&Company. The pictures are not with the best qualidy, I really am in need of a new camera :)
Hope you like it,

November 6, 2010

Long length skirts

I absolutly love them and I think they're great for summer and winter. If you want to accentuate your waist and elongate you're body, you should definetly put on a belt. It's not perfect for all body types but if you're short you can still use them just put high heels!
Here is my way of wearing it and some looks that I love!
Hope you like them,

This is what I'm wearing today!

Andy T.

Frida Gustavsson

Jessica T.

Laura E.

Michael Kors Fall 2008 RW

Paul & Joe Spring 2011 RW

Ralph Lauren

Andy T.

October 28, 2010

Fashion Update

Just added these two pieces to my closet! Nothing special, just some basics.. hope you like them, they're both H&M!

October 23, 2010

Welcome back the seventies!

This decade embraced a enormous variety of styles and influences from boho to the 20s/30s/40s and 50s, but there were three trends that defined the era: flared trousers, hot pants and platforms.

October 22, 2010

love till the end or not exactly?!

If you see someone wearing a piece you absolutely adore but in a way that it even makes it look "ugly", do you feel bothered to the point where you actually are able to lose a bit of love for the piece or does it give you strengh to show how to use it properly?

June 1, 2010

The future of fashion

It was during one of my searches on the internet that I found myself reading the series of interviews to well-known fashion names about the future of their business. These interviews, posted on, were mmade by editor in chief, Dirk Standen.
The series of interviews: Robert Duffy (president of Marc Jacobs); Cathy Horyn (fashion critic); Hedi Slimane (former designer of Dior Homme - now focused on photography); Olivier Zham (Editor); Julie Gilhart (fashion director of Barneys New York); Alber Elbaz ( Lanvin designer); covered topics from internet, to the crisis we face, to the fast-fashion.
I recomend all interviews, and although they talk about the same subject, the six of them are in a way different since they are covered from a diffent angles, as designer, as critics, etc.
However, there are a few points that I would like to mention:
  • Fashion shows: the question made is basicly what is the role of the fashion show and its importance. I understand that society is evolving and that more and more people are using the internet, but I think that a fashion show is like a concert, and I know that certain people prefer listening to a cd in their houses away from all the crazyness, but there's also a number of people that consider concerts the ultimate way to listen to music. Just like Alber Elbaz said "There are certain things that I guess are essential. I believe there are certain things that are beautiful to leave as they are.". Call me old-fashioned but I enjoy the "live experience" instead of the online.
  • Another curious point made by Robert Duffy and that actually never occured me is the celebrity buzz. Marc Jacobs was known for having the front row full of celebrities but the same doens't happen anymore. Their fashion show stopped being about the clothes and became a question of who was there, which celebrities attended. So they reashaped their concept and now are a free celebrity zone, and the show gets the deserved attention- enjoy the good old fashion!
Thanks for reading, and highly recommend the interviews!