February 17, 2011

NEW YORK - 15th February 2011


Halston offered for next fall a very minimalistic collection with cut-offs present throught the show in a very basic color pallet.

Hervé Leger

Hervé Leger offered once again dresses that would delight every single girl in the world. I have to say I really liked the looks with cigarette pants and contructive tops and the gowns were also exquisite. The material and the forms reminded me of building constructions and I mean this in the most positive way, refreshing.

Juan Carlos Obando

Juan Carlos Obando offered for next fall a lot of chic evening wear. The shapes were very simple and basic and details were in the necklines. Beautiful ruffles and drapped necklines.

Karen Walker

Karen Walker had for next fall a lot of sporty pieces, in a color pallet that I especially loved.

MARC by Marc Jacobs

Now MARC by Marc Jacobs may very will be my favorite collection so far. I could own every single piece that strouting through that runway. The 70's were a obvious inspiration for this collection. Having menswear as a reference, Marc offered a beautiful knit suit, a velvet suit, a shorts suit, shirts with bows, big hats/sunglasses, high heels with soquetes.... pure perfection.

Rachel Roy

I also enjoyed very much Rachel Roy's collection. This was much more sporty/day wear clothes than we usually see from Rachel, but just as beautiful. Loved the bold prints and all the layering.


Rodarte was actually considered by Anna Wintour as the most possible candidate to achieve greatness like a John Galliano and an Alexander McQueen, which is probably one of the biggest compliments they can get. 
This was one of the most anticipated shows and they didn't let anybody down (well, at least not me). A beautiful magic show with a beautiful neutral color pallet, cigarrete pants, gorgeous gowns and jumpsuits with a lot of geometric items to it. The long lengh coats were just superb.


Tibi was a surprise to me, in a very positive note. I loved pretty much everything in this show, it was so girly and dreamy and I guess we haven't seen much of that in the Fashion Week. Loved all the ruffle necks, especillu on the orange sumpsuit that you can see above.


Trias offered a lot of strong basics for next fall, the silhouettes were very clean and simpe yet very chic.

Vera Wang

Parkas and Chiffon were pretty much this collection. Maybe written like this it may seem very boring, but if you look at the pictures you would beg to differ. Beautiful gown and jumpsuits made in chiffon with a lot of tranparencies in the mix, and the parkas were mixed with fur bringing chicness to them.

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