June 30, 2011

The Final Countdown

Indeed it is! I'm leaving NYC in less than a week and still have a lot to do/see and I'm sure my last splurging moments will occur. Heading back to Portugal for the summer and I do really need it, at least the sun and the beach, since I'm more and more starting to look like a ghost or maybe a sick person... oh well, I'll let you decide that one.

This is the look I'm wearing today, though in the pictures I'm wearing a denim shirt that was not possible to do outside due to the extreme warm weather conditions occuring outside... gladly for me, someone has invented AC and made this world a lot easier for us "fashionistas".

I hope you enjoy the look! 

P.S. I'll try to post more this week since my internship is over :)

(and she starts loosing her mind... again - I do not know her.)

skirt: Zara | shirt: Zara | shoes: Steve Madden


June 19, 2011

Give It All Back

Good Morning my sweet little birds!

Today you have the pleasure of a new post outfit! Woohoo! This is how I looked yesterday, on a warm day in the city but a warm day that could had turned into rain but, thankfully, it didn't. 

I went to see Noah and the Whale hence the title Give it all back, single from their latest album, and I will do a post with pictures of all the concerts I attended while in NY! 

Hope you like it!
dress: Zara | denim shirt: Levi's | unstructured blazer: A|X Armani | shoes: Nine West | Rings: Mango & Pedra Lua


June 1, 2011

What you need is a sunny, sunny day!

Hey guys!

I've got some BIG news... guess who's moving to San Francisco?! No, not me... oh well, yes it is! I got accepted in the Academy of Art in San Francisco to take a Master in Fashion Merchandising, very excited about that! And hopefully I will have better internet so I can post everything I want to post... not like this crappy internet! Well, moving on from the internet subject (grrrr) ...

This was a look I wore last week when my parents came to visit me. It was the first day of warm weather and now it is praticly unbearable, it's so hot! I'll guess I'll be starting to post my cute summerish looks :)

I love these shorts to death, they are paper cut shorts but with a navajo print (loooove). And what about my new sandals..... awh I'm so in love. I got a looot of new things that I have to show you, a lot of cute shoes for summer  and some great pieces I found in an outlet!

I hope you like the look!

 Don't you even dare talk about my milky legs!!! The point of this picture is to show off THE SHOES!
shorts: Oshyo | shirt: H&M | top: Abercrombie&Fitch | bag: Mulberry | sandals: Saks 5th Av