February 15, 2011

NEW YORK - 13th February 2011


Victoria Bartlett explained that this season she played with fabrics by stretching and folding. Offering a lot of warm knit pieces and new interpretations of "suits". At the end of the show the looks switched to latex (like the last photo on the collage) which kind of remind me of Gaga's performance at this years Grammys (here).

Tory Burch

This lady certainly knows what class and elegance is. Showing us a different side of hear with a lot of different fabrics and patterns and especially how she worked with tweed.

Tommy Hilfiger

And Tommy does it again. A beautiful collection with exquisite details was offered last sunday in NY. A very preppy collection with mens wear as a clear inspiration. A lot of velvet (also a huge trend) and we could see that pijama's feel in the first photo, is not yet gone.


The "prince of prints" made sure he deserved his title. A very dreamy collecton with, of course, a lot of mixed prints and doll poufed shapes.


A multicolor geometrical collection that every woman would love to wear. Soooo Elegant.

Max Azria

One of my favorites so far. Love the minimalistic but so detailed collection. The skinny snake pants are just to die for. The color pallet was very simple black, khaki and neutrals, letting the shapes talk for themselves. Also we could see on the third look one of, in my opinion, the biggest trend to come, wide pants.


I have to admit I was a bit disapointed with this collection, I really love these for looks but that was pretty much it. Loved the vintage, hippie-chic vibe.

 Behnaz Sarafpour

A collection made in  a neutral pallet with classic shapes resulting in beautiful warm+elegant pieces.

Cynthia Steffe

Presented us a beautiful collection for fall mixing classic with a young hip girl. I loved the layering and prints mixs made.

Timo Weiland

Neutral pallet with beautiful flowy shapes and a lot of fur detailings.

Victoria Beckham

I was actually surprised about this collection, loved the equestrian feel to it, it was very minimalist but with a beautifully finished.

Derek Lam

Gowns check; tweed check; jumpsuits check; layering check; leather check. It had a bit of everything and still being so very cohesive. Loved.

Diane Von Furstenberg

This is one of the designers that never seizes to amaze me. Beautiful one colored looks and I mean in bold colors. Beautiful sequin gowns, I especially loved the red one as you can see above, with long sleeves and backless. Also it was very clear the equestrian inspiration.


And for every hip girl, please proceed to a DKNY store.


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