April 23, 2011

Need your help...

So I came across these fabulous jeffrey campbell shoes. And I love them, I absolutely love them. I've always liked these shoes and I had never seen them in this fabric. But the thing is they are extremely high and I am already tall.... If I were to use them whle in NY no doubt about that but the problem is when I had back to Portugal.... 'cause people in PT are not as tall as americans (boohoo)!!! And they are a bit price and too perfect to just stand on the closet.

What do you think? Buy or not buy?


gold N turquoise said...

i think you should go for it if you love them. don't let your height hold you back from wearing these. the taller the better!

Kristen said...

aww don't feel insecure about your height : ), if you want the shoes, get them! they're amazing!

Lauren said...

BUY!!! Don't let your height stop you from purchasing these babies. You are going to look amazing wearing them! Smile + be happy :) xoxo

Mizdragonfly said...

I'd definitely buy them, they're amazing!


thefashiondyad said...

BUY BUY BUY! jeffrey campbell's never fail to satisfy. My sister and I own multiple jeffrey campbell heels and wedges and they are the MOST comfortable designer shoes I own that are 5 inches+. You will not regret it. Hope to see a post of you wearing them soon! =]


InesT said...

I think you should buy them!
They're a must have! <3

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Geovana e Giovana said...

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Yuliya said...

i loooooooove it ♥ ♥

Samara said...

If you love them, I say go for it. Don't let your height hold you back. I think they're gorgeous and totally perfect for summer. And I don't personally own any shoes by Jeffrey Campbell, but I have only heard good things about the brand.

xoxo, Samara

catflicks said...

love these shoes!
when I go out with one set of friends, they're much shorter than me but I still wear my massive heels!
so don't worry if you're going to be taller than others!

Mrs Vintage said...




Ari Hastari Hadipranoto said...

buy and get it,, nice shoes,,

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Anonymous said...

love them!
If I was in your shoes I'd totally buy them :)
awesome blog,


Anonymous said...

BUY CLARO!!!!! Piriri

S said...

those shoes are really fantastic! i love the neutral colors and the material go so nicely together. don't worry about being too tall in them as long as you look good! =p

Indiana Munn said...

Hi Giaa, thanks for the comment you left on my blog Indigo!
I vote that you buy these heels. The mix of textures is fabulous and the stacked heel with mean you stand out fro the crowd.


SAMANTHA said...

they're amazing! you should buy them :) and omg you're from sintra?!! I loveeeeee it there! I am studying abroad here in Lisbon, since December leaving in May.. it's an amazing place :) downfall: cobblestones make it impossible to wear heels, especially in bairro alto! xx


Views by Laura said...

OMG!!!! if you are on time, you have to buy them!! they're so perfect, beautiful and stylish for the summer!
I'm just in love of them too!!
ps: I have the same problem here, I'm taller than my friends and sometimes....you know!! but not!!!anyway! you will look gorgeous!

5amjetaime said...

ahhh...pretty jeffery campell...buy! haha, highfive from gabbie@5amjetaime.com

Blush and Flats said...

they're amazing !

Oona said...

GET THEM! they're amazing! I wish I was tall like you! :)

thanks for visiting my blog!

Deanna Wagner said...

i dont like the style too much. too casual. it would dress down every outfit. but i do think you should get high shoes. wear what you like and dont worry about people around you.