April 3, 2011

Bodies of Work - Vogue US April

I first read this in Vogue and really liked it and once I saw this backstage interview video video I knew I had to share it with you. All perfect bodies, all completely different. So who's to say what is perfection? As women we criticize ourselves and our bodies permanently, so it is great to see that even those "rare species" that we are eager to achieve have their doubts. Let's just embrace who we are and how we look! Now that was profound and beautiful, wasn't it? ha
Photographer Mert&Marcus captures Daria, Gisele, Lara, Joan, Natalia and Raquel styled by Tonne Goodman.



Under the Spell said...

I like your photos!
this is a beautiful editorial.


Stella said...

I completely agree with you. Women , it's a pity, are educated to look for perfection and keep seeing deffects in every part of their body. To embrace who you are is a very important step to reach hapiness. Absolute perfection doesn't exist, because perfection is different for everyone.
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Monique Zuman said...

Beautiful pictures!!
Monique xx


ChanelAfterCoco said...

I love the bold colors!

Natalia said...

This shoot is wonderful and the woman are so perfect <3


Deanna Wagner said...

i dont see this photo shoot as something positive for women's body images. are we actually supposed to believe that those models have the ideal body type? these women are freakishly tall, thin, and have big breasts. i dont see why we're supposed to be celebrating this abnormal representation of American women. we should be celebrating average women, not these highly paid models.