April 25, 2011

Boa Páscoa!

First week: check

It was a good week! I never thought that I would have so much fun making phone calls.. because you may not know this, but I'm that person that hates, and I really mean HATES talking on the phone. Everybody in my house knows that I won't pick up the phone.. my cell phone, I only answer numbers that I do know, otherwise try again or leave a message. And even those that I know most times I don't pick up, just because I don't like talking on the phone!!!!! So you already know if you want to talk to me, we can meet up, do whatever but DON'T CALL ME!

All this to say that, thankfully, I'm loving my internship even with phonecalls in the mix haa! You should see the showroom closet, to die!! I got one killer bracelet from the showroom that I will try to post later (if my internet lets me...).

But firstly I'll show you my look of yesterday, Easter Day. I really love this dress that I bought in London and I realized that I had never posted an outfit wearing it... so another huge check, 'cause that was taken care of.

That's it for now... I'm sorry I'm still kind of sleepy, if I wrote something silly just give me a break... Since I'm the sweetest thing, I woke up earlier just to update you haa!

Hope you like it!! ooh oh and have a nice week my dearest all!
dress: Topshop | coat: Zara | fury baillarinas: Continente



Anonymous said...

♥Nice post.) Love your blog.))♥

wardrobeexperience said...

love this outfit.


EmerJa said...

Beautiful dress!!!

Rosa Pel said...

nice dress !

Mikaela said...

You have amazing style!



Kasia said...

Great, classy outfit!


Beckerman Girls said...

That leopard dress is the BESSSSSSSST!!! Your style is sooo classy and 60's chic!!! LOVE !!!Happy EASTER and Spring darlin'!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Jenny said...

Love your leopard look and long coat. I have D&G tuxedo coat that looks very similar and the lining is in leopard like this! =)

thanks for stopping by my blog

Kimberly said...

love your outfit such a cute dress!

giveaway on my blog!


Carolina Hardy said...

I love the dress! the print is so perfect! you look great!


Anonymous said...

Your Easter outfit is super cute! I love leopard print anything - it automatically makes any outfit look so fierce <3

Internships are ALL about phone calls, at least in my experience. And emailing.

Thanks for visiting my blog <3 Come back soon, dear!

xo Sherrie
Closet Hound

Anonymous said...

Hey Giaa!

Thanks so much for checking my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I just checked out your blog and it's very inspiring! And I see you just moved to NYC, I will be moving there at the end of May, so maybe we'll run into each other. Love your outfits! I have another block as well for travel, you should check it out at:


Thanks again!


Sarah said...

Lovely outfit and blog :).

Thanks for your comment on mine. I'm now following you :).



H. Houdini said...

preety dresss :) love the whole set ;)

FashionGirl said...

great outfit !
loving the leo dress !

What do you think about following each other ?
I'de ba happy ;) follow me and i'll follow as soon as possible back !

xx FashionGirl <3


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Reptilia said...

Heey, thanks for your comment!

Love your leopard dress, you look great!



the nyanzi report said...

love the combination here.

It-Blogirls said...

the topshop dress is really cool !!
thanks for your comment :p

Welcome to my jungle said...

Love your leopard dress and your header looks great!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

- Dani

mari b. said...

that leopard print dress is oh so amazing.


jessica january said...

hey giaa, thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting so much, i really appreciate it!! your is lovely as well, and i absolutely LOVE your leopard dress!!

january, x