April 17, 2011

Moving In - NEW YORK


I'm in NEW YORK YEIIIH! I finally found a place to stay, I'm living in a student residence (altough I'm not a student ha!). Hen it's not that fancy at all, but it's more than fine for the 3 months I'll be staying here and I don't intend to spend a lot of time in here when having my beautiful NY just outside. 

1st. These first days were spent apartment hunting, and i must tell you not that fun.. what I saw was far from what I expected, really small and dirty apartments and still very expensive.. but hey welcome to NY, right?! 

2nd. When packing I tough I wouldn't catch the cold and rainy NYC... well that didn't happen. Or did it actually happen,  cold check, rain check, wind check. Yup, I was that dummy girl with no socks in the cold and rain... but it's not my fault, it's not supposed to be cold and rainy anymore, so please Mr. Weather facilitate my life just a tad will ya?!

3rd. Though the room is still under "my construction" the closet is done and ready to be seen. So I'll give you a preview of the before and the after.

Hope you're all well!


During the moving/cleaning section I had time to do a stupid and I really mean stupid photoshoot.. don't believe it? then be my guest and take a look!
less posy more work please
yeah I don't think it is supposed to be that way, but...
don't know what to do with that hun?! 
Yes girl, put your huge muscles into use!

Stay tuned! Way more to come from NY!!

P.S. I saw Liya Kebede the other day on 5th avenue but stupid me didn't have my camera, she looked ravishing even with no makeup on..



Nihmen T. said...

Congrats on the big move! I'm happy for you! I wanna move to New York too.

maverick diva said...

i am so jealous you are in NY right now! You'll have an amazing time!


myfloorisred.com said...

I wish I could be in NY too ... !
By the way, really nice the total denim look, love it! <3

Claudia said...

great post :)
You are lucker, I love NY!!!!!


TheBeautyFile said...

You're so funny. Glad you visited my blog! Good luck with the internship! New York is the place to be!!

Rosa Pel said...

ahahah u right to do this !

galatea. said...

love this look on you xx

Lucía said...

You're so lucky you're living in ny!