October 25, 2011

Tom Binns

OMG is the best "expression" I kind find right now and I'm not a O.M.G. kind of girl, but this asks for it! 
I just came across to this magnificent jewelry company, Tom Binns. Usually jewelry is not on the top of my list, but this jewelry is exactly everything I dream of. They're statement pieces but so fun and hip and at the same time they manage to be quite classic.
So I just had to share this with you, it will blow your mind!


Josefine Laul said...

Amazing jewellery!

amalie said...

lovely jewelry!!

FashionFlirt said...

cute blog, thanks for ur lovely comment!
Alena xo


Kiki.Bourne said...

That is some wicked jewellery! Definitely want some.
Xx Kiki

Anonymous said...

I love the neon colors of these pieces. Super fresh!

LinasStyle said...

Love the jewelry! amazing <3


Moon Child said...

Love the gold cuff piece!X

evanescent said...

wow! those are beautiful. it's like a mix of classic jewelry with some more modern styles. love it!

Mexiquer said...

wooooow those last necklaces are so damn nice! *

Prim and Polished said...

Absolutely beautiful! Right my style too!

bikeinhands said...

me encnatan todos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!