October 21, 2011

October 21st, 2011 - Back to Basics


I've had a lot of technology problems since I got to SF, in one month my computer decided to die twice on my and I decided to say by bye to him! Unfortunately, I lost everything I had in it.... looks that you'll never get to see. The good news is I got a new one, this time a Mac, and the thing is the program I used does not work on Macs, so I'm still learning to work with this thing, but I manage to do a few pictures.

I realized that I have never done any black'n'white on the blog. So here you go! This was a crazy week with never-ending projects and even though I have more projects and exams for next week, today I'm taking the day off. And that is why I'm dressed in a very comfortable and simple look, not much to say about it. I got these amazing leggings from Denimocracy, while I was working in NYC, if you don't know the brand you should check it out. They have really amazing things and the price point is still not that high.

 pants: Denimocracy | shirt: H&M | sandals: Aldo



♥ Heels Are My Drugs ♥ said...

pants are looking perfect!


Dandy-Doll said...

Cool pants :)



Fashion Tidbits said...

such a lovely simple look

Audrey Leighton said...

the leggings are too cool i love them



Onto My Wardrobe said...

love this outfit honey!!!
visit me if u want:)




Duygu said...

lovely post dear :))

puss puss and huggs from <33


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It really means a lot to me :)

Annie L said...

I am in LOVE with these jeans. They're adorable.
Thanks for commenting my blog. I love your style, following!

fashionwise said...

great outfit dear ! love those leggings !

have you seen my post ?

Good Wear Day said...

Lovely outfit!

Good Wear Day

Meg said...

love your blog header! and i love a good black and white photo, there is something so timeless about them!

Monse Fuentes said...

te ves muy linda, gracias por visitarme.


Emily Ulrich said...

Great pants! And I like the mix-up with grayscale here. B&W images are some of my favorites to play with when it comes to editing :)

Cloudy said...

I love those pants, they are such a statement piece !!!

I am wearing snake skin pants in my newest oufit!


Miriam said...

Great outfit! A simple and beautiful look :)

nik said...

Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!


NESHA said...

wow, those leggings are so creative and fabulous!

JAYNE said...

Love the pants, they look great.
I too just got m first Mac :) Happy Mac-ing!


Teresa Mesquita said...

Simple but fashion.

Anonymous said...

your trousers/bottoms look s cool


Esmee D said...

thanks for your comment, so much!! it means alot to me :)! you are really pretty and this outfit is perfect! love your blog as well!

Irene's Closet said...

Nice pics, love your pants :)


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Babe in Toyland said...

These pants are ace! You look good!

Anonymous said...

Love those marbled tie dye leggings! I want some!!


Anonymous said...

Those are really cute pants!