March 30, 2011

New In My Closet

Awh how I missed shopping... Yesterday went on a shopping trip and saw a looot of cute things!! Here's what I bought: navajo paper shorts from Oysho; a light blue cardigan from Zara; and an H&M suede shirt.
Also decided to go through my mother's old clothes, from when I was little or even not born. I have to say I found a lot of good stuff, I reckon they will need a bit of DIY but anyway some good findings. Including a dark blue high waisted skirt, a light blue shirt, some jeans to turn into cut-offs, a mostard blazer, a pleated skirt that will need a bit of work because the elastic have given in and a white shirt with some lovely black details.



Nikki said...

I like the shorts you bought :) they have such a nice pattern! and i love the old things you found in your moms closet! x

Alexandra said...

ahhh nice colors!

catflicks said...

beautiful buys! and i love going through my mums stuff too :)

Love LuLu said...

Those shorts are out of this world. Hot find!

Courtney Laura said...

i'm in love with your shorts!!
they're awesome!!


Particuli√®re ♥ said...

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.
Really nice shopping! ;)

Alina V. said...

Those shorts are heaven!Just followed you

Style-Pursuit said...

Fantastic items! I'd love a few of them for my wardrobe as well! ;o)