March 30, 2011

New In My Closet

Awh how I missed shopping... Yesterday went on a shopping trip and saw a looot of cute things!! Here's what I bought: navajo paper shorts from Oysho; a light blue cardigan from Zara; and an H&M suede shirt.
Also decided to go through my mother's old clothes, from when I was little or even not born. I have to say I found a lot of good stuff, I reckon they will need a bit of DIY but anyway some good findings. Including a dark blue high waisted skirt, a light blue shirt, some jeans to turn into cut-offs, a mostard blazer, a pleated skirt that will need a bit of work because the elastic have given in and a white shirt with some lovely black details.



Nikki said...

I like the shorts you bought :) they have such a nice pattern! and i love the old things you found in your moms closet! x

Alexandra said...

ahhh nice colors!

catflicks said...

beautiful buys! and i love going through my mums stuff too :)

Love LuLu said...

Those shorts are out of this world. Hot find!

Courtney Laura said...

i'm in love with your shorts!!
they're awesome!!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.
Really nice shopping! ;)

Alina V. said...

Those shorts are heaven!Just followed you

Style-Pursuit said...

Fantastic items! I'd love a few of them for my wardrobe as well! ;o)