March 3, 2011

3rd March 2011 - Hey you!

Hey you!

I'm so so excited, tomorrow I'm leaving for a week to go ski! I haven't gone skiing in like 2 years and I really miss it a lot, so I can't wait!!! Unfortanetely I want be able to post while I'm away, since to me going away is really going MIA, so no phone no computer no nothing... but I'll take my camera of course and I'll show you everything when I come back! 

For now I'll show the look I'm pulling off today. This blouse my mom got it a few years back but she has never worn it and so decided to give away... but since everything that leaves this house has to first pass in my hands, of course I kept it. I love it, the print is very bold so I can only wear it with  simple outfit... and vavavuum this is what I looked like!

shoes&pants: zara | glasses: raybain | bag: prada | coat: sisley

Hope you like it!



LO' said...

Hey !
Thanks a lot for your comment :D

This outfit is amazing :)
The prada bag is perfect ♥


Marloes. said...

I am so jealous of your hair. It's beautiful!!

Lena Ker said...

Adorable look, I love this color!!

Brenda N. said...

Wow, love the colours!

Thu said...

Love that top, it's so vibrant with colours!

NerdGlasses said...

Your blog is amazing
Following you!
Follow me too? <3

Anonymous said...

amazing shirt!!
love the colours and shape!

thx for stopping by my blog

Anonymous said...

wicked shirt...where is it from?
really like these photoshoot!
well done.