January 23, 2011

My Fashion Icons - part 2 - Coury Combs

Coury Combs is a fashion blogger from California that I found on Lookbook and I'm so in love with her style that I wanted to share it with you. 

This fashion lover decided to make her passion her profession and at the age of 29, she is the owner of Fancy Treehouse Vintage and online vintage shop, where she sells basicly most of the clothes we see her using in the blog.

Her style icon is Sandra D, and the 60's is one of her big inspirations.

She likes to always mix up colors and textures in unexpected ways.

Glad she decided to start her blog and share her refreshing style with all of us!
You can see her work on:  

blog           http://www.fancytreehouse.com

Hope you like it,


Becky-May said...

wow shes amazing! thanks for sharing this! love your blog too!

The Flower Girl


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow, I love her style! So much inspiration! Thank you for sharing her blog! xoxoxoo

Ariana said...

Great style!!!