May 22, 2013

Bottle Rock(ing)

You might not know this, but other than fashion, music has to be my next favorite thing (I dare say it's actually neck and neck, but shh don't tell my future employers). My summer is always filled with music festivals, with amazing outfits, beautiful people, a lot of them trying to hard but still always a good vibe while listening to an amazing soundtrack! 
This summer will be a little bit different since I'll be in the US and won't be able to attend our very own amazing festivals in Portugal. Don't be fooled though, that won't slow me down! Kicking off the season this year was none other than the first edition of the Bottle Rock Napa Festival, filled with grapes and grapes and grapes (oh wait Grouplove tried this joke and it didn't work, dammit!) 
The weather was amazing, but us being true San Franciscans could not handle the hot steamy weather only to find refuge at the Free People tent filled with glitter, face paint and beautiful people dressed in hippie/country inspired outfits!

Many thanks to my friend Sara from the North South blog for many of the photos, make sure to check out her blog she had an amazing post on the festival with great street style pictures!


Denisa said...

Nice pics and it looks like a you had a great time. Have a nice day.

Juliette Laura said...

Oh so jealous! That looks like perfection! Beautiful style.

Juliette Laura

Ekta Sheoran said...

Great pictures!!

Love from India

mademoiselle mode said...

So cool cool cool event ^^
I love your look :)

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Anonymous said...

I kept seeing FreePeople's pics from Bottle Rock and I must say, it looks like an AMAZING experience!

XO Sahra

Tina Z said...

Great pictures, looks like you had a fun time :)

Love from Canada,

TheFashionFraction said...

cool pictures

Dascha Boonstra said...

Amazing pictures ^^


Xenia Metelski said...

wow, I don't belive, it is so warm... great pics!


Alison Chan said...

Nice blog post!

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M said...

nice photo!na lot of colours...i like it

Jeans Please! said...

lovely photos!

Karolina Chudek said...

amazing photos! <3