November 6, 2010

Long length skirts

I absolutly love them and I think they're great for summer and winter. If you want to accentuate your waist and elongate you're body, you should definetly put on a belt. It's not perfect for all body types but if you're short you can still use them just put high heels!
Here is my way of wearing it and some looks that I love!
Hope you like them,

This is what I'm wearing today!

Andy T.

Frida Gustavsson

Jessica T.

Laura E.

Michael Kors Fall 2008 RW

Paul & Joe Spring 2011 RW

Ralph Lauren

Andy T.


joninel said...

i like your belt :D

GIAA said...

thanks it's my moms from ages ago!

Skinny Walk said...

Like the look :)

WHAT IS MODE said...

i love long length skirt. ooohhh if i wear a girl lol. love your picture.

Keep on singing my song said...

great blog, keep going! :)